Uptown Perth Amboy

State Street!

A view of St. Stephen's.

This is the interior of the church.  I really like the Gothic architecture of this church, both on the interior and exterior. 

The area that I like to call Uptown Perth Amboy stretches from the NJTransit RR to the west and the Arthur Kill to the east.  It is bounded by the town border to the north and Washington Street to the south!

Is part of the Blessed John Paul II Parish, 
is one of the busiest churches in Perth Amboy! The Blessed John Paul II Parish includes the Our Lady of Fatima Rosary Church on Wayne.

There were only a few Poles living in Perth Amboy in the 1880’s. But by the 1930s, according to a study written by the Federal Writers Project on their work in New Jersey, the Poles and Slavs became the largest ethnicity in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

As the population grew, the town’s Polish community needed a church of their own. 

In 1979, the population started to dwindle!

St Stephens is one of the last vestiges of Polish culture. The church still celebrates Polish mass.

However, the church has become diverse.

Dominicans, Mexicans, Peruvians, as well as Portuguese and non ethnic white Americans worship with the existing Polish community here!

Rudyk Park Puerto Rican festival every year 

Blessed Our Lady of Hungary and La Asuncion

Amboy Avenue YAY!

Latin Grill - Peruvian cuisine!

Daisy's Carnicera - Dominican 490 Amboy Ave

The Hall Avenue section

Torres Cafe -431 High Street

I took a picture of these lovey women- mi gente- at Torres Cafe.  I love the Puerto Rican pride (and flags) in this restaurant. 

Pollos Viveros!

Elizabeth Corner - 175 Hall Ave.

This is De Lo Mio Mexican Restaurant.

Although I  love the food, I don't think this restaurant gets the attention it deserves. 

Banco Popular - 631 State St. 

This is a Puerto Rican bank on Hall Avenue. Many Puerto Ricans come here to send money back home.  

In many ways, Perth Amboy is a For us By us city and Banco Popular is one example of this., where Latinos have institutions that 

State Street.

Brownstones found on State Street.


My meal at Lito Sofrito! 987 State Street...

Rudyk Park during the Puerto Rican Festival!

The End-


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